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tv   Mad Money  CNBC  November 28, 2012 11:00pm-12:00am EST

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we support nearly 250,000 jobs and invest more here than anywhere else. we're working to fuel america for generations to come. our commitment has never been stronger. "mat h mad money. i'm cramer. welcome to "mad money" welcome to cramerica. my job is not just to educate you but to entertain me. call me at cnbc. believe it or not, i actually used to be a mountain climber. drove my mother crazy but i loved it. always had the best gear. climb up from whatever abyss faced me. which is why i'm donning the
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finest mountain-climbing attire i can get my hand on because i now believe that we may very well go over the fiscal cliff come january and i want to be ready to climb back out with the right stock after it happens. you can't come from a given day like today, dow 107 points, hey, happy days are here again, right? this is a day where my equipment felt a little -- felt a little superfluous because we had all sorts of happy talk for a bunch of people in washington about how compromise was within reach. however, i think it's been increasingly apparent that we actually may not get a deal in time for the january deadline. something warren buffett pointed out. who am i to disagree. you don't need to change your philosophy just because we cliffed you. long term it might not matter. not all of you share his
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sanguine multi-year view of stocks. not one of you shares a bank account close to the size of the man that created billions of dollars of wealth. he can afford to take the long view. if we take the plunge over the two million jobs. makes everyone pay more in taxes. i don't really want to have this gear. the president said today he thought a deal could be done by christmas. the speaker of the house said he's optimistic a compromise could be reached. i wear this pin every night in in part because i genuinely believe it is not a lost cause. tonight business leaders in washington are urging a deal. people who are not really known as pals of the president. the president also bringing his pressure to bear on small regular people, regular folks. now we use the word "folks" all
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the time and i'm old enough to remember when it meant my parents. he's turned to twitter to talk about the evil consequences of cliff jumping. let me tell you, why all this talk may end up being nothing but big hat and no cattle. small business people, twitter followers. they don't follow this. congress does. what we're seeing now is something which was supposed to be totally draconian, increases in old tax rates, coupled with automatic cuts in spending may not be unpalatable to change the minds of intransit politician. are you on this side of the aisle? that's because right now that the very moment many of those politicians believe rising above politics is political suicide, that compromises the real and dreaded ep my -- dreaded enemy, a sin even. and this pin? right here, this rise above, this is the very devil when it comes to their career. you know, what i get this. come on, i'm cynical, i get it.
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if you believe an entitlement should never, ever be cut and should be expanded upon, you might favor sending us over the cliff on principle. if you believe that taxes should never be raised, you might be tempted to send us over the cliff on principle. if you believe your house is going to be jeopardized -- you know what they say above you? you rise above. they say you're a hypocrite. let's go one step further. potential loss of jobs, higher mandated taxes, defense budget, small price to pay for standing on principle, rising above, it's a betrayal. for a huge number of these people. if you're a republican, hell bent on never raising taxes, go over the cliff and then give into the president but you can also say you cut taxes. remember that? it's a win-win to go over the clip. life can. then you don't break the grover
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pledge which is why it's time to prepare for the failure of december talks. maybe we need the hardships main street middle class to become so clear that a compromise that abandons cherished principles may be the only way to avoid a recession, which would give other candidates a chance to rise up and take your seat in congress. hence why i'm not back with the 10% solution, a solution like how the dreaded tarp got through congress, so-called bank bailout. after the stock market dropped 10 perz after t.a.r.p. was first rejected. and congress people, conconstituent went who own stock, people who can afford to contribute to campaigns, we better do some compromising. that could happen again if we don't get a deal by year end. it comes down to the final weeks of the year when it's clear we don't have a deal, some will sell their stock economically might save a ton taxes versus the 2013 tax code.
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we're glued each week to the jobless claims and they come out at 8:30 and right now they aren't going up or down and that's because business is frozen. if you're thinking about creating a business, you want to know if you sell it you get a good capital gains rate. if you're a ceo, you saw the recession going over the fiscal cliff caused you don't want to be hiring. you might have to be firing in january. if we miss the deadline the market will get pounded every thursday as the claims spike because of mandated layoffs particularly in a military industrial complex. people will lose that right in 2013. and thousands of other companies are slimming down because, hey, we failed to rise above. when that happens, believe me, you'll want every bit of this mountain gear. you'll want the ice ax. man, we got to use this. this will no longer just be a key chain because if we're cl m
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climbing out of the cliff you need to be the first there and with the best stocks. i envision all segments of the market getting pummeled but the ones that come back first are the ones that sold down first. so the best could be the worst. to me that means i want to climb out of the cliff using a stock like home depot. i'm going to climb out there to get this, yeah, home depot. that's one i'm going to get! because -- sorry about that. because it's up 54% for the year. the most visible winner in the dow jones industrial average. you my have to buy that stock as the first week of january. we run into the thickest, i would considinto sher win willi. and i think the housing boom will not be hurt in reality nearly as much as it might be in theory. at the same time, i suspect we'll get another whackdown in them high-yielders because the
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2013 tax code more than doubles it. here i'll climb out with the ice ax from verizon. i want to be there with my ropes, make them so i can secure myself. and get them right back in look. here's the bottom line. i don't us to go over the fiscal -- i don't want -- i'm a 46 in the adirondacks. you can look it up. anyway, i don't want us to go over the fiscal cliff but the losses of the cliffs won't impact until after the jobless markets slides and you need to be ready to scamper from the abyss with this kind of outfit and preferably not in these pants because they don't work well. the cliff is going to close soon after that and you'll be up there with your home depots and your verizons and your at&ts. you should be protected. why not be profitable on the other side of the valley? let's go to robbie in michigan.
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>> caller: boo-yah go blue. >> man, absolutely. what's going on? >> caller: i got a question about green mountain coffee roaster. >> let me talk herb greenberg off the green mountain cliff, what's up? >> caller: the huge 27% whopping rates today i'm wondering if it's time to take my money and run or more to come from the coffee guru. >> i think tomorrow there will be a little short covering and people were shocked because it should have been an adjoining five but i don't know if it should be a 40. walt in new hampshire. >> caller: hey, jim had been how you doing? >> couldn't be better. >> caller: boo-yah from concord, new hampshire. >> the monitor offer med a job in 1977. i almost took it, what's up? >> caller: i wanted to know your feeling about whirlpool. it keeps on climbing. housing is doing well. should i hang on or ring the
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register. >> no, i don't want you to sell. it should not be sold. it's been a lagger for many years. i owned it in the '50s in my law school dorm. here's patrick in wisconsin. >> caller: hi, jim, boo-yah. >> by yeah. >> caller: given the recent divergence of price of gold going up and the mining stocks staying level or going down, would it be wise to hang on to my investments in the gold-mining stocks in hopes that they catch up with the price of gold? or should i just sell them off and put the money into gld or something like that? >> i think you should sell them off over time and not all once the. i think they're going higher and today was a temporary setback because of all the happy talk in washington. i'm going to pat in illinois. pat? >> hey, jim. how are you? >> not bad, how about you. >> caller: doing well, thank
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you. jim, i have a question for you, gow cory, i voted for 14.5 years and been accumulating it for those 14 and a half years and it's been a dog from the day i bought it. it popped on monday. ceo said that the tv manufacturers are buying their glass like crazy. jim should i sell it? >> no, did not sell now. think about that, 14 and a half years. it wasn't, wow. you remember i had did run from 1998 to 2000. your judgment is off by 2 1/2 years but it's been a real bow wow. let it go to 15 and get rid of it. thank on, that's what we heard from the president or the market. maybe, but you know what? we have to get the gear ready. we have to be ready with the climbing equipment to be the first people out of the cliff, wow! am i ever ready for this baby.
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mad mon "mad money" will be right back. >> one stock surges over 15% in the past month while the market has been flat. could it still be positioned to profit? or did you miss the move? cramer's navigating through the facts to find out next. . and later, grocery gauntlet? an allout bout for supermarket supremacy and tonight, cramer thinks one of these stocks belongs in your cart while the others could be spoiled. get ready to go shopping. just ahead. all coming up on "mad money." don't miss a second of "mad money" follow @jim cramer on twitter. have a question? tweet kranler #mad tweets. sent jim an e-mail at or give us a call.
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yoo every now and then a stock does something that makes you scratch your head and you wonder, what the heck is going on. whenever we are see one of these moves eds my job to explain to you why it's happening. consider the incredible transformation of trimmable navigation. trmb, a global positioning company that many thought had been left for dead because these days gold position systems are ubiquitous and offer few ways to differentiate themselves. yet today. tremble is less than a point off its high. in fact, the stock is up 18% just in the last 30 days. and a phenomenal 38% in the last 12 months. >> house of pleasure. >> how is this making such an incredible lazarus-like return from the dead? a couple of different elements here. pretty instructive. the most important one is even though people think of us as a global positioning play that's
11:17 pm
no longer the case. it's m they have positioning sensors and then moved into to connect activity which allowed them to move information from field sites to the back office to the field office and from one field site to another and then they moved into the business of modeling building a number of modeling applications and then starts doing analytics and the data they collect and proprietariry software to help businesses make better business decision. in short sb tremble is a global positioning company that got smart and they've been become a terrific secular growth story. even when the economy is not doing so hot and the underlying economy is not doing so hot. it helps their customers become more efficient. though use this proprietary technology and collect data from satellites, laser, and other met
11:18 pm
methods and they have applications for pacific software designed to tell their customers what they need to do to improve the efficiency of their workers out in the field. especially at construction sites and infrastructure builds and they work along many dimensions. they can cut labor costs, pesticide costs, or fuel costs. they can help them imcustomer service. at the end of the day it comes down to other companies finding new ways to squeeze more money out of their businesses and that's the kind of pitch that never goes out of style. certainly not one the old tremble could have offered. i'll give you an idea. tremble has joibt technology with -- anything from software solutions and machine control technologies. this gives the company a tremendous outsource international sales force. it looks likes tremble has become the real deal. they recently had a conference for the users. not some gigantic hoopla sales
11:19 pm dream shindig. more than 3500 people showed up from more than 80 countries. the reasons so many people showed up is because they offer such a compelling value proposition. the tangible return was less than a year meaning if you pony up for their data, the services will likely have paid for itself in less than 12 months. now wonder they're within striking distance. thanks to this transformation they've become a general secular growth stock and the company has been executing fabulously in this current lousy environment and the latest quarter, incredibly strong. blucerchiati, off the 62 cents faces and better than expected revenues. how many of those have you had? and all this is happening despite the fact trimmable gets half of it's revenues from overseas. they have serious european exposure. it doesn't seem to be hurting. the forecast is for the country
11:20 pm
to grow up 15 to 17% over the next five years. i don't know many companies like that. the vast majority of that is coming from organic growth and those are terrific numbers but they are not pie in the sky numbers. this gives them a competitive edge. when you have something like that you can take market share left and right or raise prices dramatically, either way, you can krish the estimates. the number of analysts that covered him think the company's technology is necessary for their customer's survival. only a couple players you can say that about. sales, apple. market for their measurement and equipment is very underpenetrated especially in europe with 22% penetration and asia with 12% penetration. sales had good numbers because they're findly penetrating and there's a lot of room to expand. and they're introducing new software modules. they are growing very rapidly. soon they can do upgrades and
11:21 pm
they can drive the company a margins much higher but that could take quite a while. even at their latest run it's still fairly inexpensive. less than the company's 18.3% long-term growth rate. one more reason why they can go even higher. i wasn't thinking when i was looking at this, i can't believe ibm or oracle hasn't snapped them up. if the stock sits here it will happen. takeover talks are been driving the last leg of the stock because it so miraculous. don't be surprised. this isn't a "what the heck?" in is no longer a has been global positioning company. it's a data productivity automation powerhouse and i think the trimmable rally is far from over. after the break i'll try to make you more money. coming up, grocery gauntlet?
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an all-out battle. tonight, cramer thinks one of these stocks belongs in your cart while the others could be spoiled. get ready to go shopping. just ahead. ally bank. why they have a raise your rate cd. tonight our guest, thomas sargent. nobel laureate in economics, and one of the most cited economists in the world. professor sargent, can you tell me what cd rates will be in two years? no.
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? matter what the circumstances, with the sole exception of whole foods which is practically in another category all by itself. given that it's the place where people go to buy expensive food that as the company's natural and organic seal of approval. but the rates of them have been just the definitive house of pain. these companies have raised their margins and facing cut-throat competition. vote and if big box store like walmart and costco and the drugstores like cvs and walgreens. and the dollar stores. holy cow. it's a tough, miserable business. however, even in an incredibly difficult sector you get some true differentiation. some companies will execute better than others. and their stocks outperform the rest of the group. in the supermarket space the one company that's bucked the overall trend has been kroger.
11:26 pm
while supervalue has cratered down 64% for the year and safeway has been hammered down 19%, kroger has managed to keep its head above the water, up 43%, not particularly good but relative to others but relative to the other supermarkets kroger's performance has been downright incredible and we call that -- hot absolute performance but supreme. that's why we want to figure out what's if secret here? what's the secret to kroger's success? the company reports tomorrow morning so we did this many preparation. i think we'll get cluesing that tell us what's happening and what to look for as we head into the quarter so you can find out if you really want to buy it when the numbers come out. the main question is, why hadn't kroger been crushed if the rest of them have. and look, even that, fresh market got crushed today ppd this is not a company like whole foods with the beloved high end and super fast quote. a regular old supermarket chain
11:27 pm
across 31 states. last night we got some insight into why krogers that avoided to going into the valley of the shadow of death. last night we talked to gary rock and he's the ceo of con agra and we talked about raw corp, the king of private label foods, especially syrup. meaning the knock-off generic products that sell for much less than the nationally branded stuff. he noted that the economy is currently very bifurcated. no matter what economic strait they might be in are trying to save on the basics. tons of folks are trying to figure out how to get the most for their money and that's kwha whied cthat's why they wanted t by role corp explains why kroger
11:28 pm
has outperformed the supermarkets. which is just about every consumer these days. and they do it by managing pricing. so how much better has kroger's execution been? consider these numbers. kroger's been the only traditional grocery store operator to consistently jep rate returns above its cost of capital at its most recent back in october the company raised its long-term earnings quote forecast and they raised it substantially. while supervalue saw same-store sales decline, safeways were down .01%. now, kroger actually posted an impressive 3.6% increase. relative. kroger's margins have been increasing. and kroger's been taking share aggressively. over the last several months their volume is 300 to 50 0e basis points ahead of the industry average with hints of acceleration since mid august. they're not in the same weight
11:29 pm
class which is whole foods which is the best story. it's not really a super charged growth stock at all but within the troubled supermarket business this company is in a league of its own. how has kroger been age to do so much better? like i said before a lot comes down to their ability to control pricing. about a decade ago kroger made a smart decision to cut prices aggressively in order to ward off competition like costco and and oh kroger has done a terrific job of cutting prices at the right time in order to retain customers. they acted early and fast and that's why the company said for the first time they've become more comfortable with their competitive position and feel less urmg si urgency to cut pri. kroger understood the name of the game is market share, better than supervalue. now the company has to change
11:30 pm
course because they can't take if pain of people paying less. what else explains kroger's ability to rise above the herd? in part, a question of scale. but even though they're larger than safeway or supervalve they're opening more stus. safeway, they don't have the balance sheets to perform aggressively. even if they could it wouldn't make sense to open new ones. let's open some more bad stores that don't do well. kroger also sells gas at nearly half of its supermarket and company uses and that's been a very smart model for them and cost okay. and then prief value label and i'll drill down on this. the reason why they brought raw corp, that's kroger's trait. we know the private label products carry substantially higher gross margins from the nationally branded ealternative. kroger has the highest,bility
11:31 pm
25%. big step up from supervalue is 20%. but kroger produces more than 40% of its own private label products so therefore, they make a ton of money on kroger itself. now, it's too late to buy kroger ahead of the quarter unless you do it after hows and i refuse to counterthat as buying but we got great insight last time and i tried to transfer that into this piece as to why kroger is doing so much better and i bet that story continues when we see the quarterly results. here's the bottom line, if you need any more evidence that execution matters, the supermarket business is incredibly tough by while their kpe tors have been hammered kroger has thrived, thanks to excellent management showing you can transcend a lousy industry if the people in charge can make the right calls. joey in florida.
11:32 pm
>> caller: boo-yah, jim. >> boo-yah, joey. >> caller: you think it could be a large percentage of companies like annies? >> i'd rather go with haynes. they slammed him the other day. i saw irwin simon on "fast money" and i thought he told god good stories. best of breed is haynes celestial. or mond in connecticut. >> caller: how are you. want to look at the fresh market earnings. the stock got hammered. i was wondering if it's over with or stay away from the stock completely? >> what do we got to be in the second-best? i like this, nice looking stores. don't get me wrong. if nice looking stores all that mattered i'd be a bye bye-byer. but we got whole foods and unbelievable players who run whole foods. why do we have to figure out to play whole foods fresh market? the way to play whole foods is whole foods. >> let's go to janet in the home state of new jersey.
11:33 pm
>> jim, boo-yah to you. i'm learning so much from you and your show. how i can help? >> caller: i was watching your show yesterday about private label goods and i just want to know, could private label grow or hurt or help kimberly-clark? >> that's the opponent. >> if you go and sit down with the jim seven gal he'll tell you with where they can crush is in paper towels. that's their number one seller. kirkland brand. and may i also admit if you came to my closet, you'd see nothing but kirkland. loss in the supermarket no longer. the grocery gauntlet has a winner and it's kroger. not safeway and supervalue. kroger looks good. stay away from the other guys.
11:34 pm
don't move, "lightning round" is next. bp has paid over twenty-threebp billion dollarsnt to the gulf. to help those affected and to cover cleanup costs. today, the beaches and gulf are open, and many areas are reporting their best tourism seasons in years.
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and bp's also committed to america. we support nearly 250,000 jobs and invest more here than anywhere else. we're working to fuel america for generations to come. our commitment has never been stronger.
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it is time, it is time for the lightning round! what's that all about? i tell you to sell, i tell you to buy, buy, buy. and then the lightning round is over. are you ready skeedaddy? jeff in virginia. jeff! >> caller: my stock is hillenbrand. >> i do not have a fresh take on it. i promise to do my homework on it. let's go to brent in alaska. how are you? >> caller: fine. >> it's kraemer. do you have a stock? >> caller: clne, it's not doing well. >> no major representative in washington seems to want to do
11:38 pm
anything as having natural gas a regular fuel for service vehicles. therefore it's just a speculation. john in florida. >> caller: jim, big booya to you from lake ashland, florida. >> man are you lucky throb. it's so miserable here. what's up? >> caller: baidu. >> no, no, i can't own individual. a loss there represents a value. john in florida. >> caller: hi, jim. i just want to mention i don't know if anyone ever told you but you remember billy joel, not lennon like you showed that portrait last week. >> billy joel was quite a hero in the concert for sandy. he looked great and he sounded great. >> if i don't like billy joel, i'm done. >> caller: what's your opinion on plcn, polycom?
11:39 pm
>> we don't want to be in anything i regard as video and voice because you'll be competing against the giant that is cisco! >> glen in illinois, please. again? >> caller: i'd like to thank you on your excellent insight into jobs in general. >> my stock has been up at past eight trading days and i was wondering if this was any case the stocks were to pop. cldx is the prop. don't know why it's up. got to come back. sorry. could be a could good expectation.
11:40 pm
>> all my florida calls are so -- what do you got? you got this guy mr. social meaning he knows how to use social media better than anyone i've ever seen. >> stephanie lake, we were talking, i said this is right now one of my absolute favorite stocks between now and when this deal closes, underrated, so smart, it will do 14, what he has done for coffee! let's go to john in colorado. >> hi, jim. i'd like to give a big booya. >> we got another call about one of these deals. these oil trusts. when they rally you got to scale
11:41 pm
out. this group has become the public enemy number one of the shrz. they don't want to own them and i don't want to fight the shareholders about it. >> my stock was at 55 and pulled back to 52 and i hedged in down to about 48 and change and have i made a good play? the stock is red hat. >> whitehurst is doing a great job and business is good. i'm not going to tell you to stay away. i'll tell you to step up and buy more. i think red hat is a winner and not a loser. and that, ladies and gentlemen, is the conclusion of the light nierng round. the "lightning round." coming up, how do your stocks stack up in this mystifying market? cramer makes sure your portfolio makes the get on "am i diversified?" and then treats day after day... block the acid with prilosec otc
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i doubt things will change much over the next few weeks. now is the time to prepare for the worst. hope for the best but prepare for the worst. if your portfolio is diversified and you understand how to execute you should be able to protect yourself and go right through the deliver to the other side and that's why we play "am i diversified?" where you call or tweet me and tell me your top five holdings and i tell you if you're diversified enough. we'll start with @henry miller, 100, let's see what he says. he says #mad tweets am i diversified, bp, pepsi, pepsico, apple and nova scotia and a win we know that win is win stream, and let's see. there's that 24 music! let's go to work. bns nova scotia, pepsico, fine
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job, great yield. win stream i'm worried about the yield there. a lot of bad notes in the abc day. bp as an oil company i'm worried. 100 others that are better and then there's apple. i got technology stock, a get an oil, packaged goods and a bank. great for diverse occasion but the twaeblt choices leave a little to be desired. why don't we go to robert, from my home state of pennsylvania. >> caller: boo-yah to you, jim. >> back to you, what's up? >> caller: chesapeake, exc, nokia, nlk, ford, and sprint s. >> okay. chesapeake, down on its luck right now at a utica shale, not as good as people were betting on but i told you if it goes higher.
11:47 pm
sprint doing a remarkable job. congratulations dan on notre dame's season. ford auto company, we're hoping that they are able to cut the losses in europe. exlon, and nokia, and tetelco a want some technology throw in apple. it's down. auto, utility, tech, and energy. here we go. let's do another. curt in virginia. curt? >> a big boo-yah hoo yah to you. tough losses by the steelers and eagles. with all the injuries we should form the steegles. we chased babin having good luck. what's going on? >> my stocks are bristol meyer squib, easy chip, starbucks and
11:48 pm
westport, i'm diversified? >> let me get this straight. okay. starbucks, we think the world of howard schultz and that team. westport, oh, boy, technology? truck play for nay and bristol myers and easy chip, a technology play and an oil technology play. downgraded i think mistakenly by morgan stanley. an oil, let's go restaurant, and a technology play on natural gas. drug and semiconductor. and that's hey nice apartment andly bless it and now we need to go to donna in texas. >> donna? >> good boo-yah to you, mr. cramer. >> currently i hold about 16
11:49 pm
stocks and i need help diversifying. >> because you're being in a virtual mutual fund. >> pretty much. >> my stocks are bank of america, bac, american international group, aig, conoco phillips, cop. kkr financial, kfn. and western union, wu. >> all right. we'll get rid of western union like tomorrow. now you only have 15 to deal with. that one is no good. western uniyun online on. c conco, nice yield. kkr, a private equity company. you may have too much of a concentration in financials so what we want to do is get rid of bank of america. put in bristol myers and keep in the travel trust and you're leaving western union entirely and let's add apple for that,
11:50 pm
too. you don't have enough technology and that, ladies and gentlemen, is the conclusion of "am i diversified?" back after the break.
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some decisions, some transactions say more about the u.s. economy than all the other reports throughout. labor, commerce, maybe more than all of them combined. the to booir roll corp for $5 billion is one of those decisions. a lot of different has how old brands over time and take advantage of a good supply chain for soup marke supermarkets, hebrew national, slim jim, swiss miss, brands that were in your mom's cabinets and brands in your kids' cabinets. something happened to big national brands in the great recession. many of them lost their cache.
11:54 pm
in part because they took prices up year of year after year. why? to please their stockholders and they haven't made as much money selling them like they used to taking up a lot of space. not good business. the endless jaeking up of prices and more profit margins for the stores that sell them. you feel pinched and the supermarket feels priced out, enter private label. at one point they came in black and white cannes and the sup supermarkets tried to adopt this. they want to say, look at me, look at me, i'm cheaper than the other stuff. instead it had another connotation. it it was like loob at me, i'm out of work and then you take it home and they say it doesn't taste the same. and then we get evolution. the shopping club thing emerged, costco being the example.
11:55 pm
and the company has been at the vanguard for provides private label brands no longer questions to being named with the big name product. i'm surely judging how few people balked at paying higher club member prices their brand may be considered superior to the big brand of products and the more lucrative the store itself because the gross margins for private label are gigantic versus the heavily advertised products and the recognition if the store-bought product looked more like it, allah pier go -- supermarkets tried to outdo it. not just by price. when you get to the checkout counteryou now look smarter than the other guy when you have the private label and very few believe there's a compromise in terms of quality. i, myself, am a huge private label buyer every time i can be. given a world where 47 million
11:56 pm
people are on food stamps, up dramatically from years ago and a world where this is having a private label brand is the most important way to grow your company. the new hybrid model addresses the new world head-on. branded products in certain categories. and you have superior quality private label in places as widespread as walmart because the gulf between the rich and the poor in this country demands it for survival sake. they buy roll corp because they can. the trend is too powerful. not because the world we bif is in is for of a tale of two cities and both cities are fed up with paying more for the exact product because it has a well-known label. and ceo, probably the most of
11:57 pm
the execs knows you capitalize on it or you eventually fade away. stick with cramer. follow @jim cramer. bp has paid over twenty-threebp billion dollarsnt to the gulf. to help those affected and to cover cleanup costs.
11:58 pm
today, the beaches and gulf are open, and many areas are reporting their best tourism seasons in years. and bp's also committed to america. we support nearly 250,000 jobs and invest more here than anywhere else. we're working to fuel america for generations to come. our commitment has never been stronger.
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